Ongoing thesis

  1. Since sep. 2014, A. Kouzana, "image segmentation based on leaning methods", in collaboration with Tunis university.
  2. Since oct. 2015, A. Ghoumari, Dynamic continuous optimization based on learning methods, Ministery allocation.
  3. Since oct. 2016, Leo Souquet, Design of Multiresolution based algorithms for continous optimization. DSTI funds.
  4. Since Nov. 2018, F. Keddous, Parallel implementation of AI algorithms on heterogeneous platforms (FPGA-DSP-GPU-CPU). BULL CIFRE.
  5. Since Nov. 2018, E. Favry, Rare events detection based on deep learning. UMANIS CIFRE.
  1. Oct. 2008 - Dec. 2011: J. Lepagnot, "Dynamic Optimization", Ministry scholarchip.
  2. Nov. 2009 - Nov. 2012: M. Dakkak, " indoor geo-location", Syrian goverment scholarchip.
  3. Oct. 2009-Jan. 2013: A. Masson-Sibut, "Ultrasound image processing", Aesculap SA. Funds.
  4. Jan. 2010- May 2014: I. Boussaad, "Metaheuristics for robust design of large scale electric network",  CIFRE Contract with Alstom-Grid (ex. AREVA-td).
  5. Jan. 2011-May 2014: T. Rohmer, "Analysis, Modelling, and Optimisation of a Peer-to-Peer based Video-on-Demand Streaming System", Defunded at UCD Dublin Irland, Irish scholarship.
  6. Dec. 2011-Dec. 2014: T. Nguyen: "Design of  prototyping plateform  for virutal interconnexion networks", CIFRE with BULL.
  7. Jan. 2012-Nov 2016 L. Urrego: "Optimal risk analysis in energy networks", XN colombian company of electricity and Alstom-Grid contract.
  8.  Oct. 2012-Dec 2016 A. Kaci, "Design of a scalable architecture of HPCs", CIFRE with BULL-Atos.

Master Degree

  1. Feb. -Jul. 2015,  Zied Hamouda, Design of low cost 3D reconstruction system for objects' volume estimation. 
  2. Feb.-Jul. 2013, Guillaume Charlat, Design of a metaheuristic for continuous optimization. Application on medical image registration.
  3. Feb.-Jul. 2013, Bernard Thibault, Design of a learning based metaheuristic for continuous optimization. Application on adaptive biosignal filtering.
  4. May-Sep. 2012; K. Dahoumane, On the perfoamance of Cloud computing system. BULL project.
  5. May-Sep. 2012, N. Barache, Optimization of the performances of a P2P-VoD system. 
  6. Fev-Juin 2009, F. Aiboud: cine-MRI registration. collaboration with Pr. P. Decq(Neurochirurgie, CHU de Mondor),  
  7. Mars-Juillet 2009, O. Sasmaz, " FACTs placements' Optimization in an electrical network", with collaboration avec AREVA-td
  8. Fev-Juin 2008, L. Conteville: Brain ventricle segmentation.  In collaboration with Pr. P. Decq (Neurochirurgie, CHU de Mondor) .
  9. Fev-Juin 2005, Y. Airdaous: image segmentation using simulated annealing.